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The recent restoration project began in 2009 and was completed in 2013. . . .   Preservation continues.
Ensuring preservation requires an ongoing program of periodic scheduled maintenance of this two-hundred-year-old building.  To that end, the South Church Preservation Fund’s board of directors has established a Permanent Perservation Reserve.

Over the last decade, the South Church Preservation Fund has provided planning, funding, contracting, and supervision for a comprehensive program of repair and restoration of the historic 1809 building.


This work was made possible by grants from family and private foundations, the Community Preservation Committee, contributions from island businesses, and, especially, many large and small contributions from summer and
yearround residents.


Completed Projects:

Restoration of the sanctuary, including entrance hall and stairway: paint removal, lime-plaster repair, and faithful reproduction of the striking 1843 Carl Wendte trompe l’oeil painting on the
walls and ceiling.

Repair of the tower façade, including cleaning and painting the original 1831 shingles.

Extensive structural repair and replacement of elements in the upper clock tower.

Restoration and replacement of the structural beams supporting the 1810 Portuguese bell.


Repair of the Town Clock’s hands and faces and modernizing the clockworks.


Restoration/repair/painting of the triple-hung windows in the sanctuary.


Engineering analysis and strengthening the timber-frame structure of the main building and tower.


Roof, gutter, and downspout repair for drainage and moisture control.


Foundation and sub-surface drainage enhancement and repair.


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